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Legislative Monitoring & Political Intelligence

Legislative-monitoring consulting (official sources) and political intelligence (unofficial sources), always tailor-made, equipped with analyses of the impact on the client’s business model and only carried out by senior analysts. This allows to know in advance the changes within the political-regulatory scenario and to understand their probable impact, knowing precisely how to react. As a lobbying agency we have developed a unique methodology and this is why in tenders for lobbying, public affairs and monitoring consultancy services we are often chosen. Sir Robert Baden Powell said “There is no good or bad weather, but good and bad equipment”. Our clients can count on the best equipment.


A lobbying campaign promotes, in a transparent and legitimate way, the interests of the client. We build bipartisan consensus around the position of the client, mapping all the players in the field and creating rational messages based on incontrovertible data. Our lobbying agency has an undisputed record in the formulation of amendments approved by the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, because we create an effective dialogue with the government and we are aquatinted with the parliamentary practices. Tony Blair used to say “If I do anything that damages your interests because I did not know, it is your fault, not mine”: we fill knowledge gaps and believe that whether politicians do not do something that promotes your interests because they were not aware of them, it is your fault, not theirs.

Public affairs

Public affairs activities contribute to the company’s reputation. A good company reputation, based on solid and coherent messages, is the result of what in Cui prodest, as a lobby, we define as “Reputational Prophylaxis”. Our public affairs mix, made up of political and extra-political alliances, proper media exposure, presence on social media and data production, is tailored on the needs of each client and elaborated starting from a strict methodology able to weigh – therefore to assign the correct value – every relationship. If lobbying in Italy still has an obscure connotation, we are a lobby that has established itself as a hub of weight-bearing relationships, but based on a credibility pact that is not owned by any improvised lobbyists.

Media relations & support abroad

A Cui Prodest’s client purchases our excellence in the field of political-strategic consulting. We are lobbyists, not media relations experts and therefore, when our political strategy or our public affairs plan requires media coverage, we rely on the services of our partner TrueRP, a consullting company specialized in relations with the media, with a client portfolio of absolute importance and, above all, our historical partner with whom we share our transparent and concrete approach. With the same transparency, we guarantee to be able to lobby in Brussels, London and Madrid, thanks to our partnership with the Political Intelligence group, as well as in the Mediterranean countries, thanks to our consolidated experience in Malta, where the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean is based.

Case History

Case History

The client complained about its device for road safety having flat sales. We created then a solid and honest rationale drawing from authoritative national and international sources (accidents with injuries -38%, fatal and serious accidents -48%), so that we obtained the public support of important consumers and road users associations and sensitized the key interlocutors in the Parliament. Our amendment, already agreed with the Government, was approved by the Parliament.

Case History

We learnt that an article of a Decree law imposed sanctions on those who produced a certain product. The client, the main national producer, asked us to work to repeal the article in the Parliament. We realized that the Government was irremovable and therefore we did not ask for the abrogation, but rather for a correction of the norm, in order to make it come into force after the enactment of technical standards by the Ministry. The ratio was considered as unassailable and our proposal was approved. A technical decree must first be notified in Brussels and the writing, notification, reply and corrections might take many years to be carried out…

Case History

The client suffered from the competition of a rival company. Having studied their business model, we noticed a behavior that was contrary to the one imposed, for a similar sector, by a ruling by the EU Court of Justice. We created then a rationale based on a careful legal analysis, and once we gathered testimonies in favor, we sensitized the main interlocutors. Thanks to this our proposal of amendment to prohibit “ex lege” the conduct of the competing company was presented by representatives of all political parties.

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