Political-normative specialization and unparalleled seniority

As lobbying consultancy, we are the political safeguard of multinational companies and associations of national importance. We know when, how and with whom to relate for our clients’ business critical issues.

N.1 in Italy for clients’ loyalty

We have never lost a client for the benefit of another lobbying agency, yet all our contracts are always freely terminable. We are "forced" to be excellent in lobbying, political monitoring, polical intelligence and public affairs.

Measurable results and ROI, thanks to our METODO-LOGICO® and FABBISOGNOPOLITICO®

High-level assestment and method allow us to define in advance the entire trend of our lobbying campaigns. Concrete results and return on investments, this is the difference between us and other public affairs consultancies in Italy.


Our idea of CSR is to gratuitously contribute to a better knowledge of politics.

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