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Since 2008, the only firm in Italy to exclusively offer lobbying services. Since 2024, the Italian lobby in Europe.

Lobbying’s excellence boutique: an unrivaled seniority

Cuiprodest is the Italian lobbying firm with the highest level of seniority, with a tailored approach to its Clients’ needs and no junior consultant assigned to its Clients. That’s why we’re the boutique of choice of some of Italy’s most prominent associations and world’s most renowned companies.

No. 1 in Italy for Clients’ loyalty

We have never lost a single Client to our competitors’ advantage, even tough our Clients are free to rescind their contracts at any given time. We strive for excellence in lobbying campaigns, in legislative monitoring and public affairs.

We made the history of lobbying in Italy

Established in 2008, Cuiprodest registered trademark featured the word “lobbying” when it was still perceived as a suspicious practice by the public. We embody the most transparent, professional and proud approach to a profession that is so essential to a democracy’s well-being.

We call it Purity. Cuiprodest’s mission is to walk by its Clients’ side and accompany them in overcoming complex challenges, generating value through political-normative strategies in Italy and abroad. Our strictly political perspective is based on our team’s experience and ability to meet Clients’ requirement and match them with effective normative strategies, guided by our understanding of the unique context which we closely observe and frequent on a daily basis. Where terms like “public affairs” and “lobbying” lose their peculiar traits, we invest in specialization instead. We are a point of reference for companies, associations and institutions aiming at a loyal and conscious model of interaction between public and private sectors.


What do politicians think of lobbyists?

We asked all the chairmen, vice-chairmen and group leaders in the parliamentary committees. The summary of the study is available for download.

Talking about

Political Affairs

Our profession is fundamental to Democracy, and we’re always eager to tell what it is all about.

Cuiprodest managing partner lectures at Il Sole 24 Ore’s Master’s program on public affairs.

Corriere della Sera interview with Cuiprodest managing partner on lobbyist profession.

Vanity Fair interview with Paola Cirilli, partner at Cuiprodest, on a Ministry of Health communication campaign.

Cuiprodest managing partner edits Forbes’ Advocacy column.

Politics in half a minute

An introduction to our video series