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A boutique-consultancy with unparalleled senority

As a lobbying consultancy, we have an unparalleled senority in Italy. Taylored services and no junior consultants: this is the reason why Cuiprodest is the public affairs agency chosed by leading Italian associations and world multinational companies.

We are the N.1 in Italy for clients’ loyalty

We have never lost a client for the benefit of another lobbying agency, yet all our contracts are always freely terminable. We are "forced" to be excellent in lobbying, political monitoring, polical intelligence and public affairs.

We have written the history of lobbying in Italy

Founded in 2008, we included in our registered trademark the word lobbying when it was a deprecable word in the public opionion's view. Nowaday we represent the most transparent, professional and proud approach to this job so important for Democracy.


Our profession is crucial for Democracy and we don’t lose chance to talk about it.

Politics in half a minute


Il Parlamento

Cosa fa il Governo?

Come nasce una legge?

Cosa sono le lobby?

Il parlamentare deve rispondere ai propri elettori?

Il premier non eletto

L’Aula deserta